Warner Fall Foliage | Andrea Goulet

Warner Fall Foliage


A large poster created to promote the Annual Warner Fall Foliage Festival in Warner, NH.


Graphic designer & Photographer


Southern New Hampshire University


October 2018


Large promotional poster


Photography, Layout, Typography, Print design, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


I used my own photography to create the flowers in the poster.


I was presented with the copy for this poster and nothing more. My role was to design a poster for the foliage festival and use my own creativity. I decided that I didn’t want to use the traditional foliage colors everyone thinks of which meant I wasn’t going to use leaves. Instead, I chose to use mums which are a fall flower and also happen to be foliage! I chose to isolate and place the title, event date, and location in white boxes to create a strong hierarchy and draw attention to the more important details of the event. I created an outline around the poster and had the flowers overlap a little to create dimension.