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Qurological Website


A website designed for Qurological – a medical instruments company.


Web Designer


Lachance Design, LLC & Qurological


July 2018


Web design


Web design, Web development, Adobe XD, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP


I created and helped develop this design as part of my internship with Lachance Design


Before I began designing for this website I researched about the company’s products. The company did not have a website that was functioning and did not have any content that would be carried over – so I was starting from scratch. Their marketing department sent over some brochures and digital PDFs with data about their products. The company wanted to highlight all their products, but in particular, they wanted to highlight the special water based lubricant that helped them stand out from their competitors. The website would be used to provide information about their products in a B2B environment.

I pulled the words, “It’s the clear choice” from the marketing materials I was provided as well as the following features: 90% water lubricant, 100% bio-material, and USA made. A short form was created at the bottom of each page to encourage vistors to reach out for more information about the products.

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