It's a process


Creativity comes naturally to me, almost instantly at times, but designing is a process that takes time. I could come up with hundreds of ideas and designs, but none of it matters if it doesn’t align with the goals of the project.

No. 1

First goals and needs are established, questions are asked and answered, and lots of research is conducted before any ideas are generated and any designs are put together.

No. 2

Next, a plan is created. No matter the project the plan is created on paper with sketches notes and next steps. The plan is essentially many rough outlines of what will be designed next. Typically any problems or elements that were not discussed through questions and research will be uncovered in this step as well.

No. 3

After assessing each sketch and aligning it with the goals that were outlined in step one, I choose the best design. The best design is not what I like the most, but what makes the most sense for the goal. It will be chosen based on its aesthetic and its ability to deliver. It will become the best design.

No. 4

Now it's time to design. Depending on the medium, I will create a hi-fi version of the design to be shared and reviewed for feedback.

No. 5

After feedback is received and any changes made, it is time to deliver the final draft.


Fly Victor Poster
charity:water invitation
Platonic Solids Infographic