Platonic Solids | Andrea Goulet

Platonic Solids


I collaborated with two MAT-135 students at Southern New Hampshire University to create an infographic for the Platonic Solids.


Creative director & graphic designer


Southern New Hampshire University


November 2018


Large scale infographic


Typography, Layout, Adobe Illustrator


My design work was submitted for the art gallery at SNHU.


  • 1 – I met with two math students who provided me with an outline of the content I was to include in the infographic.

  • 2 – After reading about the history of the Platonic Solids I decided to choose a vintage theme with a mondern twist.

  • 3 – I chose an old style type for the body and a modern sans serif for titles and headings.

  • 4 – Many drafts were drawn up to decide how elements would be placed and what order the information would be best suited.

  • 5 – A final draft was created and sent to the students for review and approval.