Hunger and Homelessness | Andrea Goulet

Hunger and Homelessness


A large scale poster created to spread awarness about events for Hunger and Homlessness Awareness Week on campus at Southern New Hampshire University.


Graphic designer


Southern New Hampshire University


November 2018


Large promotional poster


Typography, Layout, Print Design, Adobe Illustrator


This poster was submitted as part of a design contest and my poster was chosen to display around campus.


Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week happens every year across the United States. Its goal is to spread awareness about hungery and homeless individuals and families and to send a call to action to those who can help others in need. Before I began designing I read over the list of events provided by the Activities Center on campus. I knew that I needed to create a design that would evoke a feeling rather than depict a story. I chose to use no imagery and instead focused on textures – concrete and tattered paper. I created icons to replace the traditional time and location words with a clock and a map marker.