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Build Your Library


A website designed for Build Your Library – an online home school curriculum provider.


Web Designer


Lachance Design, LLC & Build Your Library


July 2018


Web design


Web design, Web development, Adobe XD, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP


I created and helped develop this design as part of my internship with Lachance Design


Before beginning the design for this website I reviewed the client’s current website. There were lots of blog posts to sort and reorganize, navigation to restructure, and a shopping cart that needed to be made more prominent. I identified areas of the website that were most important and created the top level navigation as follows: Home, About, FAQ, Contact, Testimonial, Curriculum. Secondary navigation was created for the footer to include additional resources such as blog posts, events, other related content. The design of each template page was created to guide the viewer from the page they were viewing to the next related page using a call to action banner and button at the bottom.

The home page features, “Changing young minds one book at a time” an excerpt I took from the content found on the company’s existing website that I felt spoke true to their mission. Next is a brief about section with a learn more button that brings the viewer to the about page. Following that is the latest blog post and lastly, a call to action to view testimonials.

Testimonials were lumped in as blog posts and it was important to distinguish testimonials from other content to help the client establish credibility with new customers so a separate page was created to display them. The same goes for the FAQ page which also included content that was lumped in with blog posts. A search bar was added to the FAQ page to allow visitors to search using keywords.

The curriculum page was designed to be information first and purchase second to encourage viewers to learn more about the content before they were prompted with a page to purchase. Each level of curriculum would have its own page with comprehensive information and then an add to cart button.

Home Page
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FAQ Page
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