Alice in Wonderland | Andrea Goulet

Alice in Wonderland


A large scale poster focusing on typography and varying paragraph styles.


Graphic designer & Illustrator


Southern New Hampshire Unversity


December 2018


Large scale poster


Typography, Illustration, Layout, Adobe Illustrator


I listened to the soundtrack to ‘Alice in Wonderland’ while making this poster


  • 1 – I Read through the text provided and marked up key parts of the text for layout and different styling. I decided that each quote would be hand written text to help guide the user through the conversation Alice is having with the caterpillar.

  • 2 – Next, I created paper sketches to view different potential layouts. I had to use a minimum of five different paragraph styles so I tried different layouts with different styles along with illustrations I wanted to include.

  • 3 – I created the illustrated content on paper then on Procreate on my iPad – Alice, the trees, the mushroom, and the pigeon.

  • 4 – I brought the type into InDesign and the artwork into Illustrator to creator vector artwork. I positioned the text in text boxes and used wraps where the text would need to move around the drawing of Alice. The hand written text was manually placed where it needed to be and adjusted accordingly.

  • 5 – Lastly, I printed a hard copy, read through to make sure there were no spelling errors, and identified any areas that needed adjusting.