Passion for design


I’m Andrea Goulet – a graphic designer. I design to solve problems while simultaneously making things look good.

I have a passion for creating. I turn ideas into pieces of art, to tell stories, and to bring beauty to the world. I put more effort into projects than most people and I take pride in that – I’m not an overachiever, I’m just thorough. The details are important to me and those details are what separate a good design from a great design. I strive for great and won’t settle for good.

When I’m not designing, I’m still creating. I love to draw and illustrate. When I’m not creating I’m spending time with my dogs or adventuring outdoors.

I’m a creative problem solver, a curious individual, and someone you can count on.  As a designer, my goal is to always design with purpose and deliver results. 

Some words I live by:

  • “Sacrifice who you are for who you could become.”
  • “Do what is meaningful.”


Thanks for reading,
Andrea Goulet



I’m for hire. If you are looking for design work I’m your girl! Whether you’re looking for a new logo or an entirely new website, I’ve got you covered. I’ll take your problems and give you good looking solutions. Send your questions, thoughts, and project details to my e-mail (I respond quickly).




Every project is unique, but every project goes through the same process from start to finish, with the same amount of research, planning, attention to detail, and designing. It's a process.

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