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I’m a creative and there is no shortage of ways for me to express that. My professional outlets are web and graphic design. My personal outlets are interior design, photography, drawing, music, sewing, and crafting. Honestly, the list gets longer every day, but you get it.



It is very normal for me to ask “what” and “why” multiple times throughout a day. I stare at things, poke them, flip them upside down, flip them inside out, and imagine what things would be like if they were done differently. It helps me problem solve, understand, and make things better. 

Trying new things is something I enjoy and actively seek out. There is only so much time in the day and in our lives, but I am dedicated to making sure I’m never dull and my skills are never lacking. As far as design goes, I’m open to any opportunity that will allow me to show how my creative skills and endless desire to problem solve can help individuals and companies get stuff done and make things look good.



I like to stay active and I like to adventure. I do CrossFit, I like hiking, running, kayaking, camping, and just being outdoors. I love all animals but have a super soft spot for dogs ( I have three).

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Every project is unique, but every project goes through the same process from start to finish, with the same amount of research, planning, attention to detail, and designing. It's a process.

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I help all sorts of people with all sorts of design solutions. If you’re looking for a creative that will think outside the box, that's me. Let's chat.